Abraham Murra Consulting
Codes, Standards, and Conformity Assessment


Standards Development.
Code Monitoring.
Conformity Assessment.


The world of building codes (e.g., green, plumbing, mechanical, radiant heating, and fire protection) is continuously changing. New products, new technologies, changing requirements, and different views and perspectives, all propel the changes. These changes mean that code activity must be continuously monitored, and time spent understanding the changes, something best performed by a seasoned and experienced professional. Among other services, Abraham:

  • monitors codes for issues important to your organization, and recommends specific actions to be taken;

  • prepares code change proposals, submits them, and manages such submissions; and

  • represents organizations at code development hearings and committees.


Standards are documents that stipulate requirements for the design, manufacture, safety, and performance of products, processes, or services. Because of their own nature, standards are “always-in-development”, “living” documents that also require continuous monitoring and time spent understanding the changes, something best performed by a seasoned and experienced professional. Among other services, Abraham:

  • develops new standards for innovative products or services in the plumbing, mechanical, and solar industries;

  • prepares amendment and update proposals to existing standards, in accordance with the needs of your organization;

  • represents organizations at standards development committees in North America and Latin America; and

  • provides technical editing services for documents (e.g., standards, codes, corporate policies and procedures, product brochures, and press releases), to ensure clarity and conciseness.


Conformity assessment is a means of demonstrating that products and services comply with criteria such as quality, safety, reliability, compatibility, interoperability, efficiency, and effectiveness. Whether seeking certification in North America or Latin America, Abraham’s services include:

  • recommending the appropriate standards to test to;

  • managing relationships with the testing labs and certification organizations;

  • facilitating the selection of the most appropriate testing lab and certification organization for your organization; and

  • ensuring that the product testing and subsequent certification moves along seamlessly.


Other services offered by Abraham include:

  • BMEC applications (i.e., preparation, submission, and support for applications to the Ontario Building Materials Evaluation Commission (BMEC));

  • facilitation and leadership for standards-development committees;

  • project management;

  • assistance with the development of internal policies and procedures; and

  • conducting primary market research and providing new-market entry support for manufacturers.