Abraham Murra Consulting
Codes, Standards, and Conformity Assessment

My Promise





Here are a few things that you will love about me:

  • I deliver quality. My reports and analysis use the right methodology for the right question. I won’t hand you over to a random third party. If I make a mistake, I will fix it.
  • I am clear. Everything I do is built on fact-based arguments that I can defend. You may disagree with my stance, but you will know why I took it.
  • I am thorough and objective. I form and provide opinions by analyzing and cross-verifying facts and trends. I don’t rely on statements from any one source.
  • I am discreet and keep secrets. I do not, ever, ever name clients or share information, even to someone else in the same company. If I must, I will always seek your permission.
  • I am friendly. I treat my clients as if they are in my home. If there is anything you need or wish, just let me know.
  • I deliver and promise “wow”! Your satisfaction is guaranteed or I will make it right. No matter what it takes.

I take these values to heart and it is my promise to uphold them in all that I do.